Circuit Breaker Repair & Replace

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Vancouver WA Electrician Installs Circuit Breakers and Electrical PanelsCircuit Breaker Tripping?

A circuit breaker is designed to trip off when it senses an overload or a short circuit on the circuit it feeds. When a breaker in your house is tripping, there is usually one of two reasons; either it is doing it’s job, or the breaker is faulty and must be replaced. We can determine quickly whether we need to replace a breaker or if a toaster or microwave needs to be plugged in somewhere else to alleviate the tripping issues.

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Split Existing Circuits & Label Your Panel

Tired of breakers tripping when you use the vacuum cleaner or hairdryer? It is annoying and dangerous to overload circuits to the point of tripping. Bullseye Electric in Vancouver can install an additional circuit anywhere in your house to eliminate the hassle and danger of overloaded circuits. We’ll also make sure your existing panel has proper labels.

“If your breaker is tripping, it is time to upgrade!”

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